I have been trying to be positive and live my life according to the laws of attraction, I haven't perfected it yet so I am just a work in progress and that’s a good thing I think. Like they say in the documentary The Secret "you can't have instant gratification."

For example; if you picture an elephant in your mind, you wouldn’t want an elephant to appear right where your standing. The same goes for life, if you picture your house and family and the amount of money you want in your mind you need to give it time to manifest.

Let the universe figure out how you will get this house and that family with all that money. Patience is important and so is gratitude. If you play the lottery and you win $5.00 be happy you won money in the first place, don’t complain that it wasn’t enough! Say to yourself that you are so happy you won this much money and your thankful.

It comes down to the smallest things that you need to be aware of with the laws of attraction. Another one of my examples would be:

If you are going to take a test, you need to start with:

·         Confidence - know that even if you didn’t study you WILL pass.

·         NO NEGITIVES - ever include any negative words in your mind when you are “manifesting your thoughts”  (ex. Fail, might, won’t, unable)

Positive vs. Negative

Say: “I got this.” (not I think I got this)

Say: “I will pass this test.” (not “I can pass this test” or “I hope I pass this test”) – saying I can is not specific enough.

I’m healthy. (not “I won’t get sick”) - Instead of the focus word being “healthy” it would be “sick” and that’s what the universe hears and gives back.

Just be conscience about your thoughts, always remember to make them positive!

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