So yeah I deleted my Facebook ... for now (thinking about putting it up and making it pryvate and editing my "friends" list) ... and my Twitter ... forever! With Twitter its just a way for people to see what you are doing from minute to minute let alone the regular day to day updates (if that) on Facebook.  I personally, just realized that keeping your life as private as possible is a better idea then letting anyone and everyone know every detail of it. 

I mean when something big comes up like a new baby or a graduation or a big celebration of something important in your life and you feel like you want to "tell the world", post it. But Facebook and Twitter and all those other sites should definitely not be used as a way to express your anger, sadness, jealousy, etc. Those feelings are definitely private. I myself have "shared" one to many times when I had those feelings and I definitely regret that. 

I try now to make sure that when people see me or hear from or about me that it's always positive. It makes for a more positive reputation and following that are frequent positive "reunions" when you bump into someone you know. Another thing, With Facebook people have so many "friends" some have up to 500 ... I'm sorry but no one that I know except for maybe the President of the United States has and speaks to that many "friends". So when I do open my Facebook account again I will be sure to think to myself when I get a friend request... "Do I know this person?, Do I want this person seeing my updates?, Has this person had a positive or negative impact on my life?, and most of all Is this person or has this person ever been a "friend" to me and how and why did we end up going separate ways?. If you have a negative feeling about ANY or a few of the answers to these questions HIT DENY!

Anyway I am still on the search for a job... It feels like I'm getting close though. I just cant wait to get my life on track and start doing what I can to be the Mother that my daughter can look up to and the woman that my family can be proud of. I have many hopes and dreams for mine and my daughters life, the key to actually making it happen is believing in my heart that I am going to achieve it without any doubt! (LOA)

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