I did end up re-activating my Facebook. But I did make a lot of changes to it like deleting things that I've liked that I don't anymore or anything immature. I deleted some "friends"... that took forever lol. I also went through my pictures and made the ones I don't need EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD to see private or just deleted them. I'm trying to clean it up, along with my life in the real world. 

I've been on about 6 interviews in the past month and so far no luck ... but for me it's not about luck, it's about whats right for me. I will get the job that will be right for me in every way and i will be very happy with it. *I have been wanting to work in a plastic surgeons office ever since i went for an interview for one in the city a few months ago (couldn't take it because of child care issues which are now solved). It has just stuck in my head, and today, like every other day I woke up and thought to myself how everything is getting better and i am more and more happy every day that comes. Then I posted on my facebook saying "positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes" and 5 minutes later i recieved a call from ......... A PLASTIC SURGEONS OFFICE!!! needing a Medical Assistant! 
That just goes to show you, if you believe in something and want it bad enough you will be faced with it when the time is 

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