One of my best friends just called me telling me how last night some guy who has been in love with her forever just spilled his guts to her telling her! Saying how he's in love with her and he can't stop thinking about her blah blah blah lol ... but no, then she proceeded to tell me that she had went on one date with him and she also went to hang out with him at his house once but she never even let him kiss her (he asked for it and she said no!). Mind you, she does like him too, she just respects herself so she doesn't give it up easily at all! Which is how it should be! But to me It's funny how a guy can "fall so deeply in love with you" and then the SECOND you "give it up" he's out the door, or he just doesn't act like he cares as much any more. So how long should you wait? When should you "give it up"? Men are so confusing!

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