Hey guys, well girls or whoever is actually reading at this point lol. I'm sorry I haven't been writing. I've been so busy with my personal life. I need to practice what I preach when I say to use the Law of Attraction. So I'm done doing things to make everyone else happy (besides my daughter ;). It's time to make me happy now. I am focusing even more now on trying to get a job. I've already estimated what i'll be making and I've made my budget! It's never too early to plan where and how you will spend and how much you will be saving!

Since last time I've been here I have stopped talking to one of my best friends. It hurts, it really does but I've noticed that I have to deal with a lot less drama. lets just leave it at that lol.

I also made a bucket list I am not sure if I mentioned that yet but, yeah I made one! It gives you something to look forward to. Also it gives you incentive to get things done. One of my favorite ones on there is #29. Spend a week in silence. I don't know what made me think of that but i cant wait to do it, I think I might do it on the 24th of this month!

Anyway I'm rambling now so I'm going to stop for now and from now on I'll try to blog every day so i dont talk (type) so much lol.

(hugs) <3

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