So, it’s been a long year but it's also been a very progressive one! I've made some changes in my life about myself and who I want to become. I've made an effort to start being positive and looking for the positive side in anything can, however I can =). I find now that I am much Happier overall.

    I started a Job that I absolutely love. My boss is amazing and not to mention a strong woman! My co-workers are more like an extended family.

    I'm excited for 2013. It’s a new year, a new beginning, a new outlook on my future with new goals and new friends. I will be taking with me from 2012 and the years past only my family, my best friend, my job and my lovely co-workers. I will also take my experiences, my mistakes, the losses, and the gains; with which I will learn from and improve on. I will leave behind any and all negative people and events.

Till next time,

Catie =)

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