A woman should never feel as though she HAS to have sex with her partner. Married or not you have the right to say "No"!
- He may say things like
  • "if you don't give it up ill go get it somewhere else" 
        - I say... "LET HIM" (he doesn't deserve it if he thinks you are obligated to have sex with him) 
  • "I'm going to leave you"
        - I say... "Go ahead, the next girl shouldn't deal with that either if she respects herself"
  • "Your not a good wife/girlfriend"
       - I say... "Actually, I am a good wife but you on the other hand are disrespectful and don't deserve a woman like me" 

A happy relationship consists of, but is not limited to a HEALTHY sex life meaning the couple should enjoy it each time they do it! 
If you find that you are RARELY in the mood then their must be an underlying problem 
       - Maybe you aren't physically attracted to that person anymore... maybe you can fix that ... maybe not (your choice to either try to "re-kindle the flame" or just let it blow out.
       - Maybe you feel insecure... that's a problem that needs to be fixed by your partner, he should be letting you know almost every day somehow that he is still attracted to you, even if its something as small as a kiss on the forehead, a wink, or even taking a picture of you out of nowhere and saying something like "i just thought you looked picture perfect so I took a pic!" 

But once and a while, for instance your period, or stomach issues or maybe something medically wrong, or just lazy or emotionally not in the mood those are issues that may come up but shouldn't be 24/7. Maybe trying a game or something to spice it up can cure the "sex depression".

 A man who loves you will respect the fact that your not in the mood for whatever reason that may be. He will not threaten you (ever) and make sure he makes you happy. 


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