Well I have been pretty busy. I started working at the college in April as I said I was going to, and I loveee it! I knew I was waiting for the right job to find me! things have been going pretty good other then that too. 

I made a few personal changes as well. First off I dyed my hair back to brown, only because my daughter wanted me to "look like mommy and not a star" lol she's too funny. I also learned to DRIVE finally lol. Well I did "know how" to drive I just needed to be shown a few things but now I got it and I plan to have my own car by this time next year (hopefully sooner!) The other thing I did, was find something I really enjoy doing: Taking pictures of beautiful flowers when I'm walking around. My friend said I have talent with it and a few people told me I should try to sell the pics. (The pic on the top of my page I took that) 

My daughter just Graduated Preschool today! I cant believe she's going into kindergarten in September and she will be 5!! oh wow how time flies. I was just telling my pregnant friend that I remember the feeling of having my daughter in my belly and that once and a while if im hungry or (excuse me) gassy lol it reminds me of the kicking and moving around of the baby, It made her laugh =)

Well I'm going to go to bed now and try to get some real sleep (I've been sick for 4 days but its gotten a lot better so maybe I can sleep now).

Catie ; ) 

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