Wow! ........ I can't believe this is the last day of 2011 ... I can picture every New Years Eve in my mind from time time I was 6 up to 1/1/11 ... I can remember most of the empty resolutions I've made, the promises I've kept, the lives that were lost, the tears that I've shead, the goals that I've met and the ones I haven't YET. Most of all I remember that through it all was my Family, And for the past 17 years my best friend Kristen. For the past 9 years Ariella and Tana. For the past 7 years Michael Russo. I'm also greatful for those who have stuck out in my life and made an impact on it to make me smile at the memories we've had even though we haven't stayed as close as we may have wanted even though we can change that for the better ;) like: Jessie, Tiffany, Emilia. Years are filled with Joy, fun, happiness, craziness, laughter, tears, learning, mistakes, & regrets. Through all the years we grow stronger and get smarter. The only thing we can do now looking into the new years ahead of us would be to keep positive, count your blessings, smile when you think its impossible to do so, help and love the people around you as much as you can and you will be as happy as can be. Happy New Year everyone I love you all and thank each one of you for being in my life!

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