Okay so, I haven't written in a while (again) and I have some things to share;

Today Is the first day of my new (organized, planned out) diet. I am no longer going to make excuses on why I cant loose weight or why it's hard! 

I am going to school part time taking a Sociology class and a Math 110 class, and I was going to give up on my math class because I just wasn't getting it but now I am going to put all me effort in and pass it no matter what it takes!

I have also given thought to the fact that I might want to help people who are addicted to drugs and also help their families. I am not absolutely clear on what I will end up doing but I know whatever I do it will make a difference in people's lives!.  
I have been trying to be positive and live my life according to the laws of attraction, I haven't perfected it yet so I am just a work in progress and that’s a good thing I think. Like they say in the documentary The Secret "you can't have instant gratification."

For example; if you picture an elephant in your mind, you wouldn’t want an elephant to appear right where your standing. The same goes for life, if you picture your house and family and the amount of money you want in your mind you need to give it time to manifest.

Let the universe figure out how you will get this house and that family with all that money. Patience is important and so is gratitude. If you play the lottery and you win $5.00 be happy you won money in the first place, don’t complain that it wasn’t enough! Say to yourself that you are so happy you won this much money and your thankful.

It comes down to the smallest things that you need to be aware of with the laws of attraction. Another one of my examples would be:

If you are going to take a test, you need to start with:

·         Confidence - know that even if you didn’t study you WILL pass.

·         NO NEGITIVES - ever include any negative words in your mind when you are “manifesting your thoughts”  (ex. Fail, might, won’t, unable)

Positive vs. Negative

Say: “I got this.” (not I think I got this)

Say: “I will pass this test.” (not “I can pass this test” or “I hope I pass this test”) – saying I can is not specific enough.

I’m healthy. (not “I won’t get sick”) - Instead of the focus word being “healthy” it would be “sick” and that’s what the universe hears and gives back.

Just be conscience about your thoughts, always remember to make them positive!
    So, it’s been a long year but it's also been a very progressive one! I've made some changes in my life about myself and who I want to become. I've made an effort to start being positive and looking for the positive side in anything can, however I can =). I find now that I am much Happier overall.

    I started a Job that I absolutely love. My boss is amazing and not to mention a strong woman! My co-workers are more like an extended family.

    I'm excited for 2013. It’s a new year, a new beginning, a new outlook on my future with new goals and new friends. I will be taking with me from 2012 and the years past only my family, my best friend, my job and my lovely co-workers. I will also take my experiences, my mistakes, the losses, and the gains; with which I will learn from and improve on. I will leave behind any and all negative people and events.

Till next time,

Catie =)
I started to decorate the office with my co-worker who always brightens my day ...

"Finding a job where your eceptionally happy can really help with the hard days!"
I think I need to watch some funny stuff on You Tube!
My favorite part is around 1:15 ... you'll know why when you see it... 




So, today is not such a good day but I am going to try to make the best of it! The one positive thing that I heard today is that my brother is coming home =) so I will make the positive outweigh the negative.

It just feels like I’m kind of letting myself slip, like I can’t keep up lately and it is bringing me down.

I need a “ME” day for sure.

Till next time,

Catie <3

    Hi again, I know I haven't written in a while but then again there havent really been a lot of people who know about the site to read it. 
    For those who have been reading I'm sorry to have kept you waiting =) ... For those who are visiting the site for the first time I wan't to welcome you =). 
    So, I have made some changes to my life goals. I now want to open a Womens Center. A place for women to come and have access to resourses such as group therapy section, a health awarness section, a gym with access to personal training, self defence classes and a nutritionist. but thats enough for now I need to really collect my thoughts and put my idea down and see what can really become a reality. I even have the architectural design for my building on my head.
Time to go home now...
Love Catie. <3
A woman should never feel as though she HAS to have sex with her partner. Married or not you have the right to say "No"!
- He may say things like
  • "if you don't give it up ill go get it somewhere else" 
        - I say... "LET HIM" (he doesn't deserve it if he thinks you are obligated to have sex with him) 
  • "I'm going to leave you"
        - I say... "Go ahead, the next girl shouldn't deal with that either if she respects herself"
  • "Your not a good wife/girlfriend"
       - I say... "Actually, I am a good wife but you on the other hand are disrespectful and don't deserve a woman like me" 

A happy relationship consists of, but is not limited to a HEALTHY sex life meaning the couple should enjoy it each time they do it! 
If you find that you are RARELY in the mood then their must be an underlying problem 
       - Maybe you aren't physically attracted to that person anymore... maybe you can fix that ... maybe not (your choice to either try to "re-kindle the flame" or just let it blow out.
       - Maybe you feel insecure... that's a problem that needs to be fixed by your partner, he should be letting you know almost every day somehow that he is still attracted to you, even if its something as small as a kiss on the forehead, a wink, or even taking a picture of you out of nowhere and saying something like "i just thought you looked picture perfect so I took a pic!" 

But once and a while, for instance your period, or stomach issues or maybe something medically wrong, or just lazy or emotionally not in the mood those are issues that may come up but shouldn't be 24/7. Maybe trying a game or something to spice it up can cure the "sex depression".

 A man who loves you will respect the fact that your not in the mood for whatever reason that may be. He will not threaten you (ever) and make sure he makes you happy. 

In many cases, therapy, communication, and a renewed commitment are all it takes to get a couple back on track, but other times, the marriage has derailed for good. As hard as it is to face, divorce can sometimes be the only way for people to reclaim their spirits and rebuild their lives.

If you are wondering if this is the case for you (or if you simply want to beware of the warning signs so you don’t go off course), consider the following:

1. One or Both of You Has Emotionally Checked OutKnown as stonewalling in the therapy world, emotional shutdowns are often unfixable, as the partner at hand refuses to do the work necessary to fix the relationship. To make matters worse, the partner often pretends to be oblivious to this, denying that he has checked out or that something is wrong. Sadly, you can’t fix a marriage with someone who won’t even admit that there is a problem.

2. The Relationship Is AbusiveWhether the abuse is physical or verbal, you should never stay with an abusive partner, especially if you have kids who are experiencing or witnessing the abuse. As scary as it might be, the only way to put an end to the abuse is to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

3. There Is Continued InfidelityWhile many couples consider even one act of infidelity unforgivable, others manage to work past such betrayal. Personally, I have seen many couples repair their bonds after infidelity, and as difficult as this time is, I know it is possible to find love again on the other side. However, if the infidelity continues, it might to time to say your good-byes. Monogamy is a choice, and unfortunately, it’s not one that everyone can make.

4. Addiction Goes UntreatedI have seen many couples work through the horrors of addiction and come out the other side better and stronger than ever before. However, if the addict refuses to admit that there is a problem and the addiction goes untreated (whether it’s gambling, sex, drug/alcohol addiction), then it is likely that the only answer is divorce. Addiction is a terrible and devastating disease, but sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away and protect yourself and your children.

5. The Sexual Attraction Is Dead and GoneMany couples experience months or even years in which sexual desire is nonexistent. If this lack of libido is a painful and pervasive part of your relationship, then it might be a death knell for your marriage. It’s very difficult to fix a relationship in which one partner desires sexual fulfillment that the other can’t or won’t give.

Make Sure You Get Help When NeededAs long as you are both willing to work through your issues, then there is almost no issue you can’t tackle as a couple. But don’t wait! The longer you wait to discuss these problems, the bigger and more complicated they will become. Good luck and check out theAmerican Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists for therapists in your area.

The site is:
Well I have been pretty busy. I started working at the college in April as I said I was going to, and I loveee it! I knew I was waiting for the right job to find me! things have been going pretty good other then that too. 

I made a few personal changes as well. First off I dyed my hair back to brown, only because my daughter wanted me to "look like mommy and not a star" lol she's too funny. I also learned to DRIVE finally lol. Well I did "know how" to drive I just needed to be shown a few things but now I got it and I plan to have my own car by this time next year (hopefully sooner!) The other thing I did, was find something I really enjoy doing: Taking pictures of beautiful flowers when I'm walking around. My friend said I have talent with it and a few people told me I should try to sell the pics. (The pic on the top of my page I took that) 

My daughter just Graduated Preschool today! I cant believe she's going into kindergarten in September and she will be 5!! oh wow how time flies. I was just telling my pregnant friend that I remember the feeling of having my daughter in my belly and that once and a while if im hungry or (excuse me) gassy lol it reminds me of the kicking and moving around of the baby, It made her laugh =)

Well I'm going to go to bed now and try to get some real sleep (I've been sick for 4 days but its gotten a lot better so maybe I can sleep now).

Catie ; ) 
I finally got a job! I am now going to be working part time at Queens College, thanks to my mother and her co-worker putting in some good words about me! I'm so excited to start. My boss told me I should be starting this Monday hopefully! 
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. Even though it isn't a job that has to do with what I went to school for, It is a very good opportunity for me because they offer full benefits, I can go to any CUNY school for free as an employee, and amazing prices for employees and students for the childcare that is on campus! And yes this is all for only working part time! 

-Continuing to be positive =)